Our Core Programs

PCUN’s Collective Bargaining Committee (CBC) negotiates and implements union contracts with farms. It uses various direct organizing tactics, such as visiting fields, distributing leaflets, and holding house meetings and marches. 




Radio Movimiento LogoRadio Movimiento “Radio Movimiento” (Movement Radio) with the slogan “La Voz del Pueblo” (The Voice of the People) was created in 2006 to educate and entertain the Latino, immigrant, and farmworker community. Radio Movimiento is exponentially expanding the diversity of the voices participating in the Latino media in the Woodburn area and is a community owned radio station – for us, by us. 12 programs, in three languages; Spanish, Purepecha, and Mixteco.




System’s Change and Grassroots Policy Advocacy we change policy on the state and national level. We advocate for pro-farmworker, and pro-immigrant policy in the state legislature, as well as in congress. PCUN also pushes for change through the circuit and supreme courts.




Healthy Workplaces These projects involve national and statewide collaboration around issues such as documenting pesticide exposure, controlling pesticide use, educating workers on safer practices, raid resistance, and combating workplace sexual harassment and sexual assault (especially victimizing farmworker women from indigenous communities). PCUN also organizes trainings, and healing circles based on our cultural connections to support workers in our vision to build empowered and thriving communities. 



Better Elections  we build a voice for Latinx immigrant families by ensuring Latinx voters turnout for candidates and issues that fight for “si se puede” values, dignity, and respect. We believe civic engagement can increase prosperity for immigrants, and people of color across the state. We believe in the power of the people, and in democracy.