Check out highlights from our Annual Cumbia Party!

We had a magical evening on November 8th for PCUN’s Annual Cumbia Party. We raised over $30,000 to continue enhancing PCUN’s community organizing work! This year PCUN is doing a lot – and we’re excited, and over-whelmed with the amount of support that consistently comes from our community.

Thank you to our sponsors, our families, and our supporters across the state and the country. Special thank you to our members, and our staff. We love you! Check out these highlights:

2018 Mid Term Elections


(Our team of organizers, Gail, Nicole, Mario, Martha, Alex, and Enrique)

The 2018 Midterms were a success for PCUN and our partners in the social justice movement. We are proud to say that farm workers, immigrants, and Latinx working families made a huge impact in getting out the vote for progressive issues and candidates this election cycle. Today, I can confidently say we are building and flexing our power in a huge way. This year, PCUN knocked on a total of 27,000 Latinx bilingual, bicultural doors with our team of Latinx organizers. We provided ballot assistance to over 350 Latinx voters. It made a huge difference. But what really made the difference was the unity in the movement – which collectively knocked on over 400,000 doors!

Here are some highlights from the campaigns and on candidates we endorsed:

  • Kate Brown is still our Governor, and PCUN knocked on thousands of Latinx doors to ensure that the Latinx vote came out in full force for our Governor. She has had our backs for years, we are honored to get to return the favor.
  • Representative Teresa Alonso Leon also won her race in House District 22, Oregon’s first majority Latinx district in the state.
  • Representative Paul Evans of House District 20, Independence and West Salem, also won his race, and is continuing to hold up farmworker values in the state legislature.
  • And we’re very proud of Rachel Prusak, the Representative Elect of  HD 37. You can 
  • Anna Williams for HD 52 in Hood River also won her race. Congrats to Anna!
  • Andrea Salinas in HD 38, Lake Oswego, ran unopposed.
  • Eric Swenson is now the Mayor of Woodburn, he is a champion for Woodburn Schools, and a true bridge builder and strong advocate for equity.

On Measure 105… WE DID IT. Defeating this measure truly took a village. With the help of over 500 organizations, PCUN and our sister organizations, labor partners, and more, beat measure 105. Oregonian’s have spoken. We want to be a place that welcomes people, and rejects racial profiling based on our perceived immigration status.

PCUN also said NO to Measure 103, 104, 106, and we said YES on 102. Oregonian’s agreed last night, and voted down 103,104,105, 106, and said Yes to 102. 

La lucha Sigue – the fight continues! We’re proud of the campaigns our candidates put on. And we continue to fight for better representation of our communities.  Here are some of the campaigns we endorsed, that did not win. 

Check out the rest of our positions on the other measures you’ll see on the November ballot:

Stop the Hate, In Our State – No on Measure 105

Pineros y Campesinos Unidos del Noroeste (PCUN) has been working with immigrant populations in Oregon for over 40 years. As the largest Latino union in the state, many of our members would be impacted if Measure 105 passes.

The group responsible for getting Measure 105 on the ballot, Oregonians for Immigration Reform, has been officially designated as a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC). The SPLC says this about them, “For almost two decades OFIR has demonized immigrants while working closely with nationally recognized anti-immigrant groups and figures.”

One of the reasons we were founded was the stop raids and discrimination in Oregon. We want our families to feel safe, welcomed and not racially-profiled in the state we all call home. We don’t want to go back to the days when law-abiding Oregonians and their kids were dragged out of their homes.

We need to protect Oregon’s values. We need to vote NO on 105 this fall.

May Day, Stand in solidarity with Immigrant Workers!

Our immigrant community is under attack. We must stand up a fight for what is right. We must stand up for our community. This may day we will be marching for Driver’s Licenses, to defend worker’s rights to organize, and to make it public that we condemn any and all efforts to take Oregon’s sanctuary state status away on the ballot.

Please join us on May 1st from 11:30AM-3:30PM at the Oregon State Capitol on 900 Court Street, Salem, Oregon.

Please contact PCUN if you need transportation from Woodburn to Salem. Click image below to share the May Day bilingual flyers, or use these text links:

May Day 2018 Spanish Language Flyer

May Day 2018 English Language Flyer