Boycott who??

Photos for thought, October edition. Boycott who??














PCUN organizes picket line at Whole Foods Market in solidarity with Familias Unidas por la Justicia’s (FUJ)  3 year struggle to improve wages and conditions and win union contract. Read about it here. 









PCUNista Aldo Solano joins Radio Movimiento’s La Hora Campesina to talk about his 9 day fast to demand the Fifth Circuit to rule on DAPA/DACA.  Thank you Aldo!

CAUSA 20th












Congratulations to Causa on your 20th Anniversary and to the American Dreamer Award recipients (Representative Jessica Vega Pederson, Paul Krissel, Guadalupe Quinn, Hozkar Morales Ramos, Oregon Association of Nurseries, Ramon Ramirez).







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