Cipriano Ferrel Day


FHDC Nuevo Amanecer in Cipriano Ferrel Education Center

October 7th 2009 is the day when we have the honor to acknowledge a great Leader that was among us.

Cipriano Ferrel

A Leader

A Friend

A Husband

A Father

and a Friend

That will always be remember in our Movement.


come and Join us! we will be at Cipriano Ferrel Center at

1274 5th Street in Woodburn, OR 97071-4100

Close by Woodburn High School on Highway 214



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Design Details


CAPACES Leadership Institute Design Pictures

Thanks to the efforts of many people and countless meetings we finally have a design that after doing the following: 

  1. What would this building will serve best

  2. How would the building be more effective and versatile

  3. some of the City requirements for parking space

  4. Actual space we can build by city requirements  

These is something we invision and can be real and posible with YOUR HELP of course.. 


Court Entry

Court Entry

Site Plan

Site Plan

Young Street

Download the site plan (pdf)

Site Plan