PCUN Membership Benefits

Individual and families acquiring immigration services from the Centro can also access other benefits by becoming PCUN Members.

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PCUN Membership Benefits

  • We provide referral services with trustworthy community agencies and lawyers for cases about: Deportations, child custody, divorces, work or car accidents, frauds, taxes (IRS), wage theft complaints, sexual harassments, and other labor injustice.
  • Phone interpreters or translator and translation of forms, letters and documents like: Birth, marriage, baptism, death and divorce Certificates.
  • Help to fill up forms, like: work application, medical questionnaire, school documents, and applications for federal and state benefits and many other forms and questioners.
  • Public notary, write up and form filling for: Power of Attorney, custody permission, small buyer-seller agreements.

Requirements for PCUN membership:

Anyone can become a member of PCUN, on condition that they meet the following requirements:

  • You support the principles of the Union
  • You don’t have the power to hire nor fire other workers
  • You live or work in Oregon

Besides the above requirements, you have to comply with ONE of the following:

o Worked one or more days in the Agricultural industry such as fields, farm, nursery, reforestation, cannery or

o Have a family member who is in the agricultural industry such as a father, mother, son/daughter, spouse, or

o Be retired from working in the field (or reforestation etc…,), or permanently disabled

o Be a member of the Support Staff or a regular volunteer of the Union or

o Commit to giving at least one day of service to the Union

Dues & Affiliation categories (trimester):

General dues ………………………. $25.00

Members age 65 and older ……….. $10.00

People with disabilities …………… $10.00

Members who stop paying their dues are still members. To continue receiving services and benefits with PCUN and its service center, they must reinstate their membership. It is not necessary to pay all unpaid dues. That is, even though the member didn’t pay dues for years, they will never pay more than $25.00 or $10.00 (depending on their affiliation category) to have their membership reinstated.

 Making a payment?

1. New members, please come to our office to sign-up before you make you’re payment.

2. If you’re paying for another member, please provide the name of the member and their number.


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