Cesar Chavez Day

Today is Cesar Chavez Day.  He was born 94 years ago in San Luis Rio
Colorado, AZ.

Today is also the birthday of WVLP, brought to life at the Oregon
Secretary of State’s office 44 years ago, 3/31/77.  Nine years ago, on
the occasion of the 35th anniversary of WVLP’s incorporation, I wrote to
attached short essay, prompted by my notice of the fact that WVLP’s
birth occurred on Cesar’s 50th birthday.  We could, of course, add to
the essay WVLP’s part in and our movement’s milestones in these nine
years, including acquiring the 7th lot on the PCUN/CLI block and the
opening of the CLI.

I particularly want to acknowledge the service of Terry Wright. This
year marks her 32nd as a board member.

I also lift up the memory of Monica Smith.  Que Viva!

WVLP’s low profile and limited purpose belies its importance.  As my
late father admonished me in 1980 as we prepared to buy the “little
house” at 356 Young Street: “Larry, if you’re going to make trouble, put
the assets in a different corporation.”

I hope that, by WVLP’s 50th in 2027, Cesar Chavez Day will be a national
holiday, in time for his centennial.

Asi Se Puede!


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