$36,000 Raised SO FAR, for Farmworker’s affected by COVID-19, Donate today!

Oregon’s farmworker movement is raising $100,000 for former and current undocumented farmworkers affected by COVID-19. Our goal is to serve 100 undocumented farmworker families with one-time economic relief from our organizations. With these funds, we can support essential workers during this pandemic, while continuing to advocate for the rights of immigrant workers. Learn more about essential farmworkers in the NY Times article we were quoted in!


  • There are 74,000 undocumented farmworkers, child care workers, food service and accommodation workers, cleaning and maintenance workers, retail and trade workers, painters, dry-wallers, personal caregivers, carpenters, etc. 
  • The vast majority of these workers are deemed “essential”, yet are not entitled to unemployment insurance, or emergency aid. 

Support undocumented workers in lieu of the federal stimulus dollars sacrificing mixed immigration status families by donating to our Farmworker Emergency Fund for COVID-19 today. Thank you for your continued support! 

¡Con la unión, se puede!

Reyna Lopez

[This donation is not tax-deductible due to disaster relief regulations]

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