Farmworkers killed on a multi-vehicle crash

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Contact: Patti Verduzco, Communications Director, 

May 19th, 2023


Farmworkers killed on a multi-vehicle crash

7 Farmworkers die on their way home from work 


WOODBURN, Ore.— Harvest season is in full effect in Oregon, with thousands of farmworkers commuting home in work vans after laboring in increasingly warm weather. On Thursday evening when workers were heading home to their families, a semi truck traveling northbound on I-5 ran off the road hitting a passenger van carrying 11 farmworkers, killing 7 of them. The driver of a semitruck that slammed into a passenger van was arrested Friday on suspicion of manslaughter, DUI and other charges, police said.

PCUN, and our members would like to send our sincerest condolences to the families, and the workers impacted by this tragedy. Said Reyna Lopez, PCUN’s Executive Director, “We are in communication with some of the families impacted to gain a better understanding of what is needed to support. At this time, families are asking for safer roads for workers commuting after a hard day’s work. We hope to share more about how the community can come together in this difficult time.”



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