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As you may already know, on October 20th, PCUN will have a new Secretary-Treasurer (Jaime Arredondo). We are organizing a series of informal receptions to introduce Jaime and hear the very latest about immigration reform from our president Ramon Ramirez. Here are the reception dates, times, and locations:

1. 11/5 in Eugene @ Wayne Morse Center in UO Law’s School, 4:30pm-6pm
2. 11/7 in Salem @ Willamette University Law School Rick’s Cafe (lower floor), 4:30pm-6pm
3. 11/12 in Portland @ UO “White Stag Room 152” Building campus (70 NW Couch St.), 4:30pm-6pm
4. 11/13 in Corvallis @  OSU’s Waldo Hall 201A, 2pm-4:00pm

We hope you can join us at whichever reception is more convenient for you.

Thank you


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