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PCUN Convention

On October 20th, 2013, Larry Kleinman stepped down as the Secretary-Treasurer of PCUN. Jaime Arredondo, son of PCUN members, was unanimously voted on as Larry’s successor.

Larry Kleinman is a co-founder of PCUN and has been the Secretary-Treasurer since October of 1988. He’s involvement in the Latino farmworker community dates back to 1977 when he co-founded the Willamette Valley Immigration Project to provide legal advice and representation for workers with immigration problems.

The leadership transition continues PCUN’s tradition of effective planning for the future. Thanks to its many years of work to prepare leaders, a candidate is ready. Big new challenges such as immigration reform will also require PCUN to broaden its pool of leaders that can lead at a higher level.

Larry will remain involved in the CAPACES network, specifically with the CAPACES Leadership Institute as their Director of National Initiatives. Larry will be leading the CAPACES network’s preparation efforts for the implementation of a massive legalization under legislation pending in Congress. It is estimated that well over 100,000 immigrants in Oregon could qualify. .

PCUN President Ramón Ramírez issued this statement on the occasion of this announcement: “Larry has provided tremendous leadership and vision for PCUN. The current transition of his position in the union seeks to fulfill a responsibility that he often cites as fundamental to social change leadership: ensuring that the movement continues on stronger than he found it. This transition will bring about the continuation of PCUN way beyond the life span of the folks that founded it”

Jaime Arredondo, a thirty-one old native of Michoacan, Mexico who came to Salem at the age of eight, is not a new face in PCUN. His parents and relatives have been members of the union since 1991 and he has served in PCUN’s board since 2009. Jaime brings nearly a decade of experience in community organizing, program development and management, financial management, and fund development. He acquired much of this experience and skill through his staff roles with the Farmworker Housing Development Corporation (2005 to 2012) and the CAPACES Leadership Institute (July, 2012 to October).

Jaime offered this statement about the change: “This transition feels like a homecoming. With immigration reform around the corner, the challenges, but especially the opportunities, have never been greater for the farmworker community. I can’t wait to get started on this work.”

Larry commented on the transition plan, saying: “I’m thrilled that Jaime has agreed to step up and bring his passion, skills, vision and experience to PCUN’s second-ranking leadership position. I look forward to supporting Jaime and to continuing to serve the farmworker and immigrants’ rights movement from which I have gained more than I have give.”


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