At PCUN we invite you to join us because we strongly believe that “our union builds power”.  You can be part of a legacy of more than 30 years in the State of Oregon. With the strength of PCUN we have been able to increase the minimum wage, earn paid days of illness for all workers, and transform the face of the elected leaders through the citizen vote. You can be part of this change by becoming a PCUN member now.


Our goal is for PCUN Membership to provide:

  1. Civic Awareness
  2. Identification with a Community and a place to call your Political Home
  3. A Path to Leadership
  4. The opportunity to support a progressive ideology, and pro-working class
  5. Power in numbers through these programs: Workers Activation, Political Advocacy at the State / National Level; Healthy Workplaces; Electoral organizing and policy campaigns; and Education programs at Radio Poder, our community based radio.

Who can be a member?


PCUN Membership is for everyone. PCUN focuses on building political power for Latinx Working Families in Oregon. From agricultural workers to young people, we can all participate in the collective improvement for our well-being and prosperity. If you also have this vision, and you are committed to our values ​​of equity, respect, and dignity for all, and the spirit of “Si se puede”, we invite you to become a member of PCUN.

What are the benefits?

  • PCUN ID Card
  • Discounts at the Service Center and building use
    – At the Immigration Services: $25 discount for consultations. (Does not include government fees and processing fees)
    – Translation, interpretation, writing services in person or by phone – depending on the type of document.
    – 10 percent discount on the use of the PCUN room for parties and events. (Only for members and immediate family)
    – Free or discounted admission to our events and trainings
  • Help and direct service
    – Fill out disability forms
    – Work claims to the OSHA Department (Occupational Health and Safety Administration) and BOLI (Industrial Office and Labor)
  • Special communications
    – Postcards, informative, forms and communicative only for members.
  • Access
    – To the community garden
    – Our national memberships with the network of the Center for Popular Democracy, and with the Working Families Party.
  • Influence
    – Right to vote in the PCUN Annual Convention (here we ratify our priorities and political agenda)
    – You can lead a committee or be a member of the Board of Directors (it has to be approved by the members and the board)

Membership Plans

Inherited Legacy Membership


Inherited Legacy Members are founding members of the PCUN organization, the PCUN Union, or people working in the fields for at least one season per year.

  • Cost: $ 40.00 per year (payment plans available)
  • 2 votes during our Annual Convention, (a double membership to the union and to the political arm within our grassroots organization.)
To become an inherited member click here

The People’s Union Membership


Any other member of PCUN who does not qualify for the Inherited Legacy Membership.

  • Cost: $ 120.00 per year (payment plans available)
  • 1 vote at the Annual Convention
To become a member of the  People’s Union click here

Want to sponsor a farmworker to become a member?