Larry Kleinman's Writings

Roster of Larry Kleinman's Writings

The Journey To Renewed Strength

The arc from the Trump’s defeat through 2022 will have four phases, including post vaccine re-engagement surge and the Biden Administration’s bold recovery initiatives. 2022 mid-terms gains depend on them amid the Coronavirus and Trump pandemics’ lingering effects on our mindset, routines, energy, and resilience.

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Organizing in an Era of Approaching Pandemic, Part II

The threat of a coronavirus pandemic is scrambling our already turbulent reality. The impacts on public health, the economy and our campaigns and activities could be profound and swift. This essay lays out ideas for shifting gears quickly and responding appropriately, including contingency planning.

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One-to-One-to-One…for 1/21/21

January 21, 2021 will be the next administration’s first day. How do we need to show up on that day ready to begin years of “restoring, repairing and re-building”? The path in 2019 and 2020 will be harrowing, especially Trump’s final weeks in office.

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Resistance and Resilience 3-D

Summarizes the Trump Administration’s anti-immigrant policies under 3 “Ds” (self Deportation, self-Detention, and self-Demobilization) and asserts that if we are to sustain ourselves and our communities, we must find ways to move past our (many) defeats and value/understand our victories.

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March 17, 2005

March 17th, 2005 Describes four events that occurred in Woodburn on that date, each—and together—serving as indicators of the progress our movement had made—or failed to make—in changing the politics of Woodburn over a quarter century.  (Dec., 2005; 19 p. in Word) [scribd id=194094646 key=key-12i1a5ntcxgecm6ge3b9

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Resisting La Migra

This narrative, presently about 60% complete, interweaves the stories, historical background and commentary about our movement’s early years (1976 thru 1988) defined and consumed by our legal and community-organizing resistance to INS raids and the struggle for immigration reform.  (March, 2008; 75 pages completed in

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