Cecilia Poblete

Cecilia Poblete (she/her/ella) | Healthy Workplaces Organizer | ceciliapoblete@pcun.org


My name is G. Cecilia Poblete and my role at PCUN is Organizer of Healthy Workplaces. I was born in Santiago de Chile many years ago. I grew up with my family of origin in the country, with shortcomings and certain privileges and many dreams. I emigrated to the city of Santiago for work as soon as I finished my high school.


The military coup of the year 73 surprised me, frustrating my dreams of studies and work. Fear paralyzed me for many years. I had the opportunity to raise my children in an ambivalence of values. The eighties marked us with an unknown system. When I was 36 years old I began to study Family Counseling and when I graduated, I dedicated myself to working with adolescents, adult women who entered the world work, with the conviction that “when you educate a woman, you educate a whole family”.


20 years ago I arrived as an immigrant to the US and had the opportunity to know the reality of Agricultural workers, through their children and families in my volunteer work and the school District. I have known and shared its shortcomings and few privileges, enriching my life with its joys, dreams, cultures and diversity, increasing my capacity for wonder and empathy.


I am more confident than ever that this transformation process with the principles and strength of PCUN led us and will lead us to the goals of having a more just, dignified, physically and mentally healthy life, achieving real autonomy to be stronger and more supportive in our lives. Currently the priority is the Covid 19 pandemic in information and resources.


I want to end with a phrase that came to me today and I want it to be my goal.

“Duty bears an immense resemblance to the happiness of others.” Victor hugo