PCUN 2022 Primary Election: Candidate Endorsement Request Form

2022 Primary Election: Candidate Endorsement Request Form
Accion Política PCUNista is PCUN’s electoral program. A.P.P is dedicated to building political power in the Latinx community. All our communities thrive when everyone has voice and agency over the decisions that impact their lives and community. At A.P.P, we do this through: electing and supporting progressive candidates and Latinx candidates for state and local office, defending/opposing ballot initiatives, legislative advocacy and running an integrated grassroots voter and civic engagement program. Our work is rooted in grassroots organizing in the Latinx low income, farmworkers, and immigrant worker community

Process: APP’s endorsement request form is a profile on the candidate and campaign. After this request is submitted, our endorsement committee, made up of PCUN members, at-large community members, staff, and board of directors will decide whether to move forward with the request and send the candidate our questionnaire. The candidate will have a deadline to submit the questionnaire and the committee will decide whether to move forward with an interview or not. During the interview the candidates will have an opportunity to answer more in depth questions about their platform, values and priorities. After the interview, the endorsement committee will provide a recommendation to the Board of Directors, who will make the final decision of endorsement.

PCUN has three support levels:
Tier 1) High Level of Support for BIPOC candidates in key districts. Includes in-kind support, and some direct support.
Tier 2) High Level of Support for White Allies in key districts. Includes some in-kind support, and potentially direct support depending on resources.
Tier 3) By name only (depending on resources, some in-kind)

This form opens in January 2022 and closes on March 8th, 2022

If you have any questions, please email PCUN’s Field Director: aprilalvarez@pcun.org

Link to form here
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