PCUN May 18, 2021 School Board Endorsements

The history of voting in the United States has been one of sacrifice and hope. Many have lost their lives fighting for the right to vote in the hope that one day their lives wouldn’t be affected by the color of their skin or their identity. We have made great strides, but the fight continues, and it is why it’s important to continue making your voice count. PCUN recognizes the need for having elected officials who represent and are committed to dismantling the institutional barriers that have kept many from living their lives without prejudice. It is why it is our pleasure to endorse these candidates for the Salem-Keizer & Woodburn School Board races. These candidates have committed themselves to fight for our students so that their hopes become a reality. Tomorrow you too have the opportunity to fight for a future where our students can succeed in and out of a classroom setting.
Join us in supporting these candidates by following them on social media, donating, volunteering, and voting by May 18!
Salem-Keizer School Board
Osvaldo Avila – Zone 1
Woodburn School Board
Michael Vasquez – Position 2
Anthony Medina – Position 3
Laura Isiordia – Position 5
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