PCUN speaks at Bernie Sanders rally in support immigration reform

Here is a brief reflection from Jaime Arredondo, PCUN’s Secretary-Treasurer, who spoke to 28,000 at a Bernie Sanders rally in Portland, Oregon

“I usually do not like talking about myself, especially on social media, but several people have asked me to share some of my experience last night. Yesterday I got to represent PCUN and our community at the rally attended by over 28,000 people to support Bernie Sanders as the next president of USA. I don’t vote on party lines. I vote depending on the candidate and the issue. Bernie is the best candidate! I never in my life imagined having an experience like this. I grew up in a tiny ranch called Las Ranas and at that time it had no electricity or running water. As a child I always thought Las Ranas was the whole world. This, my community and my family is what I had in my mind when I was on stage. Thanks for the opportunity. ¡Adelante! “

Jaime’s speech 



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