PCUN Urges Agencies and Employers to Protect Workers During Wildfires

PCUN leadership wrote a letter to agency directors, Commissioners, and the Governor – asking for their support in protecting workers. Outdoor Agricultural Workers were called in to work during Level 2 Evacuations while air quality became more and more hazardous. We need to ensure Outdoor Agricultural Workers have N95 Respirators if they are going to need to work through the conditions; need a site manager to inform them as conditions change (in Spanish, and Indigenous Languages); and need to be able to stay home during Level 2 Evacuations so they can be ready in case they move into Level 3 in order to prioritize their families safety. Here was OSHA’s response.

Link here : https://osha.oregon.gov/news/2020/Pages/nr2020-34.aspx

This response is important. We must understand what the protocol is when these natural disasters occur. Unfortunately, due to climate change, this isn’t the last Oregon will see of red skies and hazardous air. We need to come together as industry stakeholders to ensure people have the support they need in these difficult times. And talk about long term solutions to combating climate change, and protecting workers.

Workers will show up – because we don’t want to lose our jobs, and because we’re proud of the service we provide our state, and our country which is to put food on America’s table. But please, do not take advantage of our dedication, we need Oregonians to consider us too – especially as conditions get worse.

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