PCUN will have new Secretary-Treasure

July 1st, 2013

Dear PCUN Supporters,

We write to share an important announcement about leadership shift at PCUN. At PCUN’s next Annual Convention, scheduled for October 20th, 2013, Larry Kleinman will step down as the Secretary-Treasurer of PCUN.  Our board will nominate Jaime Arredondo as Larry’s successor. We are excited about this historic step for our movement and we ask for your support in this transition.

As you know, Larry Kleinman is a co-founder of PCUN and has been the Secretary-Treasurer since October of 1988.  Let me reassure you that Larry is in fine health and our movement is strong.  As you have come to expect from us, effective planning for the future is a custom take seriously and act on. Why act now? A transition of this magnitude needs to be deliberate. Thanks to our many years of work to prepare leaders, we have a candidate that’s ready.  Finally, big new challenges such as immigration reform require that we step up our leadership even as we broaden our pool of leaders that can lead at the highest level.

Larry is not leaving our movement or PCUN. With immigration reform looming, our Board has designated Larry as the lead person from our movement to help us prepare for the implementation of a massive legalization that could become a reality as soon as this summer.

Below (attached), you’ll find brief messages from Larry and from Jaime about the transition.  Please take a few minutes to take in their thoughts.

How can you help us in this transition?  

To honor Larry’s commitment to enduring change we have created The Transitions That Makes Us Stronger” Fund devoted to supporting a set of transitions, including this one, and future ones as well. The fund is part of a broader initiative led by the CAPACES Leadership Institute, our movement’s catalyst for leadership shifts. Learn more in the attached description.

We’re deeply grateful for your investment in our future and hope you can make a tax-deductible contribution to the CAPACES Leadership Institute Transitions Fund.

In solidarity,
Ramon Ramirez                                                                                     President of PCUN


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