Photos for thought- Feb. 2014

We understand you get plenty of reading material via email, so we want to change things up a bit. Starting this month, at the end of every month instead of just telling you about out latest news, we are going to show you! Five photos, every month. Enjoy Photos for Thought!


Elisa gets Accredited

PCUN’s Service Center staff Elisa Andrade received her accreditation by the Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA) to practice immigration work. Congrats Elisa!


KPCN Programmer Albertina Vallejo

Meet Albertina Vallejo. Albertina is one of our Board members and also runs “La Hora Michoacana,” a popular Spanish/Purepecha program on our community radio station KPCN 95.9 FM Radio Movimiento


Wage Theft Lobbying

PCUN staff and members participate in lobbying efforts to stop wage theft through the Oregon Coalition to Stop Wage Theft, which was initiated by the Northwest Worker Justice Project in 2010.


One Billion On Their Feet

Farmworker women from PCUN, Mujeres Luchadoras Progresistas, and the CAPACES Leadership Institute join the global campaign “One Billion Rising” to end violence against women and girls.


Our newest property

Check out our newest home! The property, located next door, was acquired by our sister organization the Willamette Valley Law Project. BTW, if your interested in fixing up this property and the others join us on a special brigade on March 15th from 10am-4pm. Call Jaime at (503) 302-6549 if your interested.

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