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Dear PCUN Ally,

Decision, decision, decisions…It’s impossible to go a day without making one. For the purpose of this letter, we want to tell you about three decisions coming up in 2016 that are likely to have major impact in the communities and families we work with and also ask you to consider us in your decisions to give this season.

If you’ve been following the DAPA/DACA saga you know that we are likely headed towards a Supreme Court decision next summer. Last month, the Fifth Circuit Court ruled against DAPA/DACA. It was probably the best bad news we’ve ever received because it got the ball rolling towards the possibility of the Supreme Court taking on the case. Where are we now? After a recent failed attempt by the suing states to delay the Supreme Court’s decision to take on the case, that decision is expected to be made next month. If the court takes the case, it will likely rule early next summer.

While the legal process has been slow, our advocacy and preparation to implement DAPA/DACA has not. Over the last year, we’ve participated in countless advocacy actions with our national partners, improved our Service Center’s technology/systems, and together with Causa Oregon, strengthened our legal clinic style workshop. More of this will be needed in 2016 as well as training to staff and volunteers to effectively scale-up our immigration services.

The Presidential election is another major decision point that will impact DAPA/DACA and our bigger target—comprehensive immigration reform. It’s clearly evident from the primary races that there’s only one party on our side. The anti-immigrant rhetoric heard in the primary races is only going to get worst with DAPA/DACA on the horizon. Expect Latinos to respond with record breaking numbers at the ballot box.

In Oregon, we are getting ready to do our part. Through Accion Politica PCUNista (APP), PCUN’s electoral arm and Oregon’s only Latino c4 operation, we will be launching our own Latino voter engagement campaign to elect the first ever Latina immigrant to the State legislature to represent our House District (HD22: Woodburn-NE Salem). You will be hearing all about her very soon…

But, before we get to these three major decisions, we ask you to consider making a simpler one today. Make a contribution.  This will help us be in the best position possible to maximize the opportunity that will come from these decisions to continue improving the lives of farmworkers.

Gracias y Adelante!

PCUN, Oregon’s Farmworker Union

P.S. Because we’re a union, donations to PCUN are not tax-deductible. You can support PCUN’s educational, research and legal defense work via tax-deductible contribution to the Willamette Valley Law Project.

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